There are strategic ways on how realtors can generate exposure on certain social media platforms. Real estate can be very competitive so that is why you need to plan and map out what is the best social vertical for you. Every business is different. Here are 7 reasons why realtors need social media marketing and why it’s so important.

  1. Obviously posting on social media can give you exposure, whatever you’re trying to sell. Instagram is highly useful for realtors trying to show them video clips of homes they are trying to sell or even beautiful flawless pictures. Instagram will be the most effective for you.
  2. Now next platform that will work for real estate is Facebook just because there is the most traffic on there, we suggest that most postings should pertain to essential customers and about your business.
  3. Promote your listings through twitter. The more you promote your listings on different platforms the better exposure. Keep sharing important tips such as remodeling, moving homes, or upgrades for homeowners. And don’t forget to use those famous hashtags!
  4. Create an account with LINKEDIN. Linked-In can be your professional profile, which is why realtors should have an account. This social platform has a professional stance while still having features such as blogging, discussion groups and private messaging. Make your mark on Linked-In.
  5. Be consistent on managing social media platforms. To be successful on social media you need to create a schedule of postings on every platform. Like we always say the more consistent you are the more exposure you will get with NO COST.
  6. Use professional videos and photos, which will attract more future homeowners. Expose your listings on all social platforms.
  7. Study your social media metrics. What works for you, keep at it and create a routine for your social media marketing. If you are struggling with this you can always hire social media management who will manage your social media for you.

Real Estate continues to grow, which means that you need to stay consistent, informational to your customers, and be professional. Social media can help you grow and generate more exposure for realtors that is why it’s so important!


Jasmine Tsao

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